By the way for those, who can’t write at all or simply have no time to do such a job, there are numerous online services, which will write essays and other texts instead of you for certain sum of money. Well, the choice is always on you! Now, let’s see the main helpful tips in essay writing.

1. Be professional. Despite the fact that many schools allow themselves to formulate questions in a funny shape, and spur applicants "be yourself" and not "polish" materials to the ideal form - still do not forget that this is an application to business school and your documents should to be official. Of course, you want to stand out and demonstrate in an essay your own unique style and way of thinking, but remember that even professional writers have to adapt style to a certain audience. Therefore, you should avoid using slang and colloquial designs in your essay.

2. Emphasize an active action. A typical mistake of many applicants - abuse of the passive voice. They use it in inappropriate cases and wrote like an invisible force made the effect on someone or something (for example, “we were required to” or “the project was completed"), instead of putting up their own thoughts and steps to the front. Having made an effort and started to write "I / he / she did x" instead of "x was done to y" you will bring momentum to the information content of your speech, as well as make it concise.

3. Avoid repetition. Of course, no one prohibits you to make conclusions and coming to your essay to highlight its theme. But, ideally, each sentence, included in essay, should introduce new information and help the reader to sort out your thoughts. Do not forget about it and then it will be easy to avoid the repetition of all the essays, leaving only the necessary information and, thus, easily fit into the word limit.

Do not neglect these comments and good luck with your essay!

And if after this, you still think that essay writing is not for you - turn to online essay services for qualified help!